Some things been on my mind, seemingly unrelated but consider that we are complex beings and our whole is a sum of all we do and think.

Four years into a sometime (mostly) plant based diet and to some extent a similar lifestyle, I find additional positive reinforcements for continuing.  I am not going to discard vitamins/supplements with gelatin or foods fortified with animal based vitamin D (ie. Rice Krispies).   Also keeping my shoes, belts and potentially a few foods with <2% dairy.  No, I no longer buy or consume meat, eggs or dairy directly.

Next, I understand why some think Veganism is akin to a cult.  There’s some extreme Vegans out there and the sensible ones get lumped in with the crazies.  Stereotypes, you know.

Third, I believe the US is becoming more polarized by the day (OK, a bit of hyperbole but still, ya know it is) and at this late date I’m reconsidering my planned drive around the lower 48 and considering foreign lands.

Fourth, I grew up in a place where guns were common and considered useful, much like valued tools.  So I was against any sort of ban on ownership.  Gotta say, I’ve been thinking I was wrong for quite a while.  I still don’t like it but I have to admit that it’s necessary.

I don’t know how best to express my disgust at people shooting other people, the laws and lobbying that allow anyone to buy weapons.

So if you wonder about my photos recently, I could go into the heart of the city and find interesting pictures.  Forunately I have an option.  Peace is where one finds it.  I’ll likely write more about this another time.

A picture for today.  A woodland path along the river.