This is harder than I thought. But I am determined to be ‘not-addicted’, which is different than quitting. I will have the occasional ‘coffee out’ and am a fan of Cafe Americano and when I have that, I will likely have a cigarette. Somehow they go together.

You can now guess the other addictions I am quitting, now that sugar is benched, on the sidelines. You might also guess the withdrawal symptoms, the ever-present two-pronged headaches for the next few days.

I am going to include the song Summertime with this post and after listening to covers by rock, country, jazz and opera singers including the Zombies, Doc Watson, L Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, Norah Jones, Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Annie Lennox, Janis Joplin, Renee Fleming, Leontyne Price and Kathleen Battle, I despaired of finding the definitive version of this fine Gershwin song from Porgy and Bess.

Although I liked every version in some way I was pleasantly surprised by Scarlett Johansson’s cover. I mean, who knew? Not me, anyway.

So I thought, well, it’s got to be Willie Nelson because Hank Williams Sr. didn’t record it and he is the other male country artist worth listening to (in my little world).

And as usual, an unrelated picture or two, from my favorite neighborhoods to walk; Marigny and Bywater.



And because I like this, why not?