It’s been six weeks and a month to go. There is no cure for some things except time. :/
Not that I can’t walk, it depends on how much I want to put up with, how many pain relievers I want to take. I’d rather take time off during the hottest part of the year. Last summer I couldn’t cross my right leg over my left knee without using my hands and in June I stopped before that. Last summer was not good, I’m telling you. I figure September I should be good to go, so I hope.

Meanwhile, no new pictures.

But, the Mississippi Kite juvenile has been whistling outside my window this morning. The sun is shining. It hasn’t hit 90F yet. I made a new batch of banana/oatmeal/cinnamon ‘cookies’ (no added sugar!) this morning. I can safely say I’m off white sugar after 3+ weeks, no longer experiencing those cravings. Sweet Little Sixteen is playing. 🙂

Mostly good in my little world. A few photos from NOLA, a song.