I can think of many things to write about, things that are important only to me, so never mind,

However, regarding following on WP, some of you might notice that my previous follows went away and are being rebuilt.  I, in some fantastical manner, managed to mass delete about 100 blogs I follow.  I didn’t even know that was possible.  Anyway, I should have most of them back by Monday or Tuesday.  I mean, I was cleaning up my follows, as we all have some few we followed once and they quit blogging or interests changed or whatever.

I don’t consider follows a tit for tat type of enterprise.  I follow because I find something you do interesting.

About my other blog.  I intended to reuse it as recently as two days ago but when it came right down to doing something I realized I don’t want to.  I have some photos to download from there and may keep it (empty) for some future unknown purpose.  That is undecided but it will not have any content for now.  No reason to go look, for sure.

Some people came over when I switched to this blog only, some didn’t.  It’s all good.

Photos I have been messing with.  I won’t say they are anything except Mardi Gras 2017 and interesting to me.  It is also one of those days on WP when creating a post is harder than it should be.