You can if you are biking, that is.  😉


Still muddling my way through archives and seemingly doing more looking/converting to b+w than backing up right now.  I have a change to make in how my backups are done and Google photo makes us delete one photo at a time and does not allow us to see all photos ‘not in an album’.  Being less than motivated to delete 1000+ pictures, I will be at this for a  while.

Anyway, when I was in Holland 2014 I was impressed with how bike friendly it was with their own lanes and lights, with the ability to take your bike on the train for a nominal price and that one didn’t typically need an overwhelming locking system, not that some bikes aren’t stolen.  By the way, it is illegal to buy a bike from a private party and must go through a bike shop, as far as I understand.  That is what I read on Lonely Planet, anyway.

If I get back to Europe for 6 months it will be with a used bike purchased there.  I used to ride a fair amount and could fix most things on a bike as well.

As for the photos, the first inspired the title, as it shows ‘you can take it with you’ when biking.  As I have been doing lately, they are black  and white photos except one which is too good in color to convert.  To my way of thinking, anyway and it is my favorite photo from there because it tells a story, something many of my pictures don’t do.  Fortuitously, they rode through a picture I was taking. BTW, the third photo I selected I think of as  Type A/Type B personalities. Five photos follow.