Aware that I am taking this month off from any serious walking, that I will, therefore, take few photos and that I have no idea how to portray a season anyway which is the next theme first week of August and since I like to be prepared I started searching my archives for a ‘season’ photo, any season of the year since people from various sides of the equator participate so one can’t demand ‘summer’ or ‘winter’ specifically.

So I thought I’d try this photo.

But no, winter is not obvious, it could be summer drought or even fall and it doesn’t exactly grab me, anyway, if you get my drift.  😔  Next one I like better, Cottonwood leaves that have hung in there all the way to February.  🙂

That doesn’t quite do justice to ‘seasons’ to my way of thinking, however.  😐   We’ll try this, yes.  Is it grim enough, does it express my aversion to everything appearing dead, to cold and snow?

Sadly, it doesn’t express my feelings strongly enough.  Besides, I don’t know how a layered photo that has a B+W color switcheroo would be received, though that is not the key issue.  😦

Back to the drawing board, or archives in this case.  😀