2- I think you have a natural ability to do something, anything, other than what you are supposed to be doing.

1- Yes, yes. At least our German studies are caught up.

2- Well, we used to be half OK with German. And it puts us in the right frame of mind for Spanish, strangely. Now photo backups are lagging too.

1- Whatever! Let’s say a brief word about the picture, because pictures can tell stories and you are gonna tell everyone a story for this.

2- Ahem, ahem.

This is Gaia, opening a portal to an alternate world and the animals are leaving. The crows are flying into the portal. When the crows leave, there will be only buzzards and their ilk left to clean up a bit, then they will go too. After that Gaia will step through and close the portal, leaving we humans to our miseries.

1- Um, OK. I get that pretty clearly, actually. But any reader can get a different story from this, I know.

2- Yes, yes they might well do so. INCORRECTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

1- Now, now. It’s all good, you know.