Or is it just another sign picture?

Whatever – a label is just a label.

A certain New Orleans resident and working photographer has stated any number of times that sharpness isn’t all.  Certainly, most older lenses (that I could afford) weren’t very sharp and then film has grain.  How we came to think sharpness was likened to finding a piece of the true cross is beyond me.  For a little while I sort of bought into that thought.

But I’m better now, the symptoms have gone and I even use Sony’s smarty 2X zoom at times, whatever they actually call it.  I mean I’d have turn on the camera and open menu to find out and I’m way too comfy sitting in my enclosed porch/command central to do that, while posting on my phone as is usual and ordinary.

Although I love color I have been seduced by monochrome (and b+w) of late.

Change is good and dare I say digital zoom can be?  Well, if it allows one to back far enough away to get the angle for the two signs and street light, yes.

And the color version as prepped for conversion.