Shall I

write a post
make some toast

words all fumbly
burnt and crumbly

a newish thought
with bread I bought

trying to please and melt some cheese

with lots of zingers
on Marmite fingers

Wait just a second, buddy! Look, I know you have this ‘thing’ with numbers and you can just about prove your diet has been roughly divided into three parts; 49% Vegetarian, 47% Vegan and the remaining 4%, not so much of either. But that is not what is important right now. We fell today while walking and at our ahem, cough, age, that is not so good. And it ‎will take some time to recover. A fall at 670 years old is not the same as at 6.7 years old.

No, it’s not and you processed two photos, one to show how we felt before and one how we felt after. It’s not the subject, it’s the mood. But remember, we will be all right eventually as nothing is (shuddering at the thought) broken.

Well, I don’t know. I have thought for a long time your brain might be just a bit broken.

Hahaha and ha (jerk!). I’ll just post those photos.  Just remember, a sense of humor can help almost anything.  🙂

How I felt before falling:

How I feel after falling: