So, we were doing some ‘political research’ today and ran across this gem. What tree has fruit that tastes like chicken?

And you call that research? Heaven forbid, but I don’t know, what kind?

A poul-tree. hahahahahahahaha

OMG, that is incredibly terrible. Do you have anything even reasonably serious to say?

OK, OK, let me have my say about photos and blogging and we’ll be done for today.

Yes, go ahead, not like I can stop you, since it’s your turn to blog.

Well, I think people expect a certain type of photo, based on the history of what I have published in the past. I mean, I have posted a couple of pretty good photos in the last few months that the ‘likes’ were way down but they weren’t my usual, my expected. I guess that is what history does, establishes expectations. It’s all cool though, I already knew that.

Now I’m gonna put in four (4) photos and talk about them specifically, which I don’t much, usually. (BTW, we have just 11% room left, down from 20% in December, on Finisterre so almost to the big switch over.)

Photo 1.
I missed. A typical tourist kind of shot but I was going for the looonnnnng view down to the Central Business District, using the fortune tellers table to guide you there on the left side. I needed to be about 4 or 5 feet to the right, I am guessing. So now it is just a tourist piccy that cuts off at the red building and nothing special.  It’s in the details and thinking of the end result, as usual.

Photo 2.
This is from a house that is decorated in an extravagent manner for every holiday and is quite nicely ‘noticeable’, let’s say. But the photos always look flat and uninteresting to me, after. So I focused on a detail this time and didn’t even shoot the overall view.  I like this one.

Photo 3
This is just a house and I like the look and photo, both. It has an approval in the door for renovation which was nice to see. But that has nothing to do with the photo.

Photo 4
This is one of those that I think is OK, but it bugs ME personally because there was no way to get those two ships to line up with lines in the old dock. Sunrise and fog add to the photo. It just throws my sense of perspective (such as it is) and liking of lines and angles out the window. A photo that I find interesting and frustrating, both.