First an apology.  It is four years now, not three.  Funny tricks my mind plays.

Well, nothing new that I have changed my mind as I found the missing photos I wanted the other day.  Photos of Sebastiana at various times.  Photos are what we, as photographers, do. ( I have these in five places now!)

Whether past and future exists or everything is moments of now and time is just our brain playing tricks, matters not.

Sebastiana Verdun Gomez, citizen of Spain and the world.  September 5, 1951 to January 22, 2013.  Smartest person I ever knew, which means the flakiest too.  🙂

High School, before her first fight with cancer at age 20.


Two photos around age 40.  Her healthiest time, I believe.  One from Spain and one from Albuquerque.


2009, the last year she was pretty healthy, after that a slow decline.