Escucha! Tan furioso, porque los otros no comprenden, no validan las diferencias estilos.

Now, now, some do. And sometimes we write something thoughtless, forgetting we are, effectively, criticising others. We have done this, remember?

Claro, pero nos aprenden, nos aprecian – como se dice? freedom with consideration for others.

Mira, el lago Elephant Butte es azul, no? el Rio Grande marron?

Yes, there are different color waters within the same waterway.

Bueno, y no – (.p.a.u.s.i.ng..a..m.o.m.e.n.t) well, nevermind. It’s a pointless argument. I think I am going to write more Spanish for practice, knowing I can’t punctuate correctly because ASCII requires a (numeric) keypad on an English keyboard. So we can’t do the correct ‘other n’ or the upside down question mark, like that. And someone just might feel they have to criticise that and I will explain, nicely as I can, at that time, on that day.

Algo fundamental y me no gusta criticas emocionales. Mira, una poema nueva.

Uh, OK. Muy bueno. But chill, dude. No importa, las opiniones de otros.

Are there no Sutras,
No wisdoms of the Mayan?
There is no arrogance but arrogance.
Innocence fell first, Understanding fell after.

Would we reach out in communion,
Explore a humanity we assiduously deny?
Creation, fruit of an apple and a pomegranate.
Find- without find‌ing – inexplicably within, that which is without.