1. Pick your favorite color from the list below. This is your primary personality color.


2. Pick your second favorite color from the list above. This is your secondary personality color and is often what dominates after the primary gets you into trouble.

3. See photo for primary traits and below for further explanations.


Red – Impulsive. Sometimes not so good, unrestrained, leading to misunderstandings, less desirable tattoos, generally unacceptable behavior and ‘legal trouble’.

Green – Regretful. the opposite of red and often expressed in terms such as “Well, she said it was OK, officer.” or “Who do I have to bribe to get those photos off of Facebook?”

Purple – Carefree. The ‘young-ish Hippie-wannabe or the 60’s Hippie, laid way, way back and smiling. Their other color is often green as they regret not being in San Francisco in 1969, for the ‘Summer of Love’. They sometimes use ‘herbal therapies’ to maintain their carefree vibe and deal with ‘stress’.

Yellow – Mellow. Pervades so much mellow coolness any other color doesn’t even matter, whether primary or secondary. Life is generally great for a yellow but they sometimes have to deal with jealous ‘lesser’ colors.

Mellow Yellow:

Note 1: Only you can judge the accuracy of the ‘Chip Clip Personality Test’ as applied to you.

Note 2: blog author is a ‘yellow’, as can be evidenced by the fact he wears his sunglasses everywhere and even has been known to wear them during his pre-lunch nap.