So was that song on they just played on Pandora Reggae or Ska something entirely different?
Like, dude, they put The Dixie Cups and Iz Kamakawiwo’ole on their Bob Marley station, same as reggae and the like.  Iz’s Over The Rainbow? The Dixie Cups Iko Iko? Day’O by Harry Belafonte?  Really?
It way weird, I agree. Maybe we should just post YouTube links because we been listening to a lot of Reggae just lately and I’m just waiting for them to play some Motown on that station since it would fit with everything else they been doing weird….
Now don’t be sarcastic. We glad we can play it.

I got a photo that jogs my imagination with a story or two, thinking of a structure that came to be built. We readily understand ‘how’, ‘why’ and ‘what’ and can pretty much guess ‘when’. It’s the act of doing that I find interesting and I think it could be anything from a Buster Keaton type sketch to a Hemingway-ish short story in there.

So we link a few ‘interesting’ songs that are for sure on the Bob Marley station and post the ‘story’ photo at the top?
OK, let’s Do…….

Iz (#1 Hawaiian entertainer, deceased)

Dixie Cups (straight outa New Orleans)


Harry Belafonte (what more to say?)