So we got our Vegan pancake recipe figured out, thank goodness. And THANK ALL APPROPRIATE FOOD GODS that COFFEE is VEGAN and has ANTIOXIDANTS and stuff. Now, let’s talk cookies.

10-4. We made OATMEAL PEANUT BUTTER COOKIE recipe again, this time mashing up the rolled oats with our potato masher which we really use to mash up PINTO BEANS, because we love them mashed and refried, but not especially whole.

Tell ’em what we changed from the recipe that Violet has on her and Miranda’s most excellent blog.


OK, I’ll just list what we do.

a) mash up 1 cup oatmeal
b) mix in 1/2 cup sugar, actually we dump it in and shake it up since our mixing bowl is a 5 lb. margarine tub with lid.
c) add 1/3 cup (80 ml) extra virgin olive oil – a bit less than the recipe. That is what we have, buy, use and stuff
d) added 2 TBS water, again a bit less than the original
e) whapped all that together for a few minutes
f) added one humongous, heaping spoon of peanut butter, stir in like mad monkeys….
g) put on a couple of oven-proof dinner plates and bake at 350F, for about 20 minutes (we don’t have any baking pans)

So we figure we gotta change oil, but to which? The local store only has Canola, Corn and Olive. (NO TO CORN, so Canola???) We see that the olive oil looks mixed in but separates part way when baking and lays under the cookies – weird. At least the cookies will never stick that way, for sure. And we are gonna try brown sugar instead of white because we got some and like the molasses flavor in oatmeal…..

Yeah, and Violet said we could just make ’em plain oatmeal or add raisins and such. A tasty, versatile Vegan cookie recipe once we get the oil mixed in to stay….mmmmm….